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Massage Therapy

Facial treatments

Body & contour 

Aesthetic medical

Facial Treatment



Cellular rejuvenating treatment 90mins
Cellular anti-acne treatment 90mins
Cellular eye contour treatment 90mins
Cellular brightening radiance deluxe treatment 45mins

​​Valmont Discovery treatment 75mins
Valmont white & Blanc treatment 90mins

i-Firm USA Skin Cell Nutriology
​Glycolic Acid Cream 15% 60mins
D-White divine skin brightening Element 75mins


​Aromeatherapy Hydrating Facial with water lily 60mins
​Strawberry Hydra-boost Mask Treatment 75mins

Eye Therapy

​i-Firm EYE'S'OLUTION 20mins
VALMONT Eye Contour treatment 30mins
Magentic Eye treatment 20mins

Eye Lash

Japan Eyelash

Korea Eyelash

Camellia Japonica Eyelash

​Waxing & Threading

Aesthetic medical


HIFU doublo-S 3D

RF Needle


THERMO - COOL (upgrade version)

Pores & Acne Scars Repairing Expert

To know more information about aesthetic treatments, please call us at 2311 7668

Massage Therapy


Head and Shoulder Massage 25mins

Scape Swedish Touch Aroma Massage 55mins

Deep Tissue Anti-stress Massage 55mins

Mother-to-be Pregnancy Massage 55mins

French Lymphatic Drainage Detoxifying Massage 55mins

Foot Massage 45mins

Doterra Oil

Body & Contour 


Acupuncture point massage - Protected from health at Twelve hours 45mins
Vital Energy Magnetic treatment on Body Meriedian 30mins
FIR Sky Eye - Activates meridian and bodily functions 15mins
FIR Resonance Chamber - Detoxification stimulates the healthy growth of cells 15mins


Body & contour
Vichy Aqua Massage 20mins
Back Deep Cleanse Clarifying Treatment 60mins

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